The stylish bag goes 100% waterproof, ushering in an adventure revolution!

bitplay’s AquaSeal Waterproof Bag is a revolutionary two-pouch bag with a sacoche silhouette. Whether you’re an urban or outdoor explorer, you can explore life better with bitplay products as your companion.

AquaSeal Waterproof Bag

+Certified IPX7 Waterproof
+Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener
+Seal Zipper
+Seamless Rip-Free Design
+Touchscreen Design
+Smart Storage Spaces
+Multiple Straps Available
+Ultra-Strong Materials

Certified IPX7 Waterproof

With the International Protection Marking seal of approval, you can keep your goods safe from water damage. (SGS Certified: IPX7 Certified. Can withstand water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.)

Seal Zipper

The fully sealed, waterproof zipper enables the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag to be submerged in water without any water seeping inside.

Seamless Rip-Free Design

The AquaSeal Waterproof Bag is designed with continuity in mind—and molded with a seamless, high-frequency welding technique.

Professional Grade Waterproofing Process

The AquaSeal Waterproof Bag is made from high-strength 420D nylon fabric with waterproof TPU material featuring double-sided construction to provide wear-resistant durability.

Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener

The Fidlock® magnetic fastener joins and secures the front and back bag to make an on-the-go sacoche style. Snap off the front bag in 0.5 seconds, and fasten it back when you’re done.

Secure Design

The magnetic fasteners only release at a specific 90 degree angle to keep your belongings safe. When you’re ready to re-adhere the pouch, simply place the pieces together to fasten them again.

Touchscreen Design

Let you operate your smartphone anytime. With the safety rope, you can immediately take off the front bag and capture spectacular moments in a flash!

Smart Storage Spaces

Categorize and organize all of your important goods with smart, compact, and plentiful storage spaces.

Three Timeless Colors & Multiple Straps Available

At bitplay, we inspire adventure. We connect different ways to explore—so you can find one that meets your needs:
Outdoor Wanderer:
Standard Flat Strap
The inner lining of the standard flat strap is made from an ultra-soft fleece fabric, providing extra comfort—especially when wearing the strap for extended periods.
Urban Traveler:
Standard Round Strap
The urban standard round strap fits your everyday look with a unique modern style. Perfect for daily shopping, and adjustable to the most comfortable length for your neck.
Professional Explorer:
Fidlock® Y-Buckle Belt
Professional Fidlock® Y-buckle belt consists of two belts, making the bag adjust closely to your body without disturbing the current activity.
Fidlock® Y-Buckle Design
The Fidlock® buckle lets you safely release the belt to grab your belongings in just a few seconds.
Y-Belt Strap
Two belts provide extra stability and keep your possessions close to the body—so you never have to disrupt activity to access or adjust them.

Your Companion for All-Weather Adventures

With proprietary designs that offer protection, comfort, and style, the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag empowers to roam free and far.

Product Specification

  1. Product|AquaSeal Waterproof Bag
  2. Color|Cement Grey, Wild Green, Dark Black
  3. Dimension|235×170×100 mm
  4. Weight|125g ± 10
  5. Material|420D Nylon Waterproof TPU with double-sided construction
  1. Product|Standard Flat Strap
  2. Weight|21g ± 10(with Safety String)
  3. Maximum|115×2.5×1cm
  4. Minimum|85×2.5×1cm
  5. Material|Polypropylene、Polyester、Plastic

Designed in Taiwan, made in China.

  1. Product|Standard Round Strap
  2. Weight|25g ± 10
  3. Maximum|145×2×2cm
  4. Minimum|80×2×2cm
  5. Material|Polyester、Plastic
  1. Product|Fidlock® Y-Buckle Belt
  2. Weight|70g ± 10
  3. Maximum|140×3×1.5cm
  4. Minimum|80×3×1.5cm
  5. Material|Nylon、Magnetc、PA66GF15

Designed in Taiwan, made in China.