Asia Tech Awards 2018-2019

Asia Tech Awards 2018-2019

bitplay AllClip Premium HD Wide Angle Lens Wins Best Smartphone Camera Accessory Award For The Asia Tech Awards 2018-2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Stuff Malaysia – together with the global Stuff team – have come up with the inaugural Asia Tech Awards 2018-2019 to acknowledge the greatest of tech and innovation of the year.

Under the category of Best Smartphone Camera Accessory Award, the winner goes to the bitplay Allclip Premium HD Wide Angle Lens – the first universal lens accessory on the market. The lens works seamlessly with both the front and back cameras of smartphones and perfectly aligns with your smartphone camera. bitplay offers an extensive series of proprietary lenses that enables you to turn your smartphone into a professional DSLR. Their best and most successful one thus far is the AllClip Premium HD Wide Angle Lens.

“Rather than constantly updating your smartphone for a better built-in camera or purchasing a standalone camera, here’s a better alternative,” said Justin Chee, Editor of Stuff Malaysia. “The bitplay Allclip Premium HD Wide Angle Lens truly gives every smart- phone a delightful wide angle camera, and it’s so easy to use; just attach it onto your phone with the preferred lens, and you are ready to shoot the best photos you can.”

Paired with a multifunctional clip holder and stand as well as an intuitive sliding mecha- nism, it doesn’t matter where your smartphone’s camera is located; the bitplay lens can be perfectly aligned. bitplay’s lenses ensure that you can always raise your mobile photogra- phy experience to the next level of quality.

The Asia Tech Awards 2019 is proud to award bitplay Allclip Premium HD Wide Angle Lens with the Best Smartphone Camera Accessory Award. Perfect for any smartphone camera out there, the lenses can make anyone into a professional photographer.

What is the Asia Tech Awards 2019?

The Asia Tech Awards (ATA) is a digital-based initiative and campaign, whih indexes the best consumer technology products that are accessible by Southeast Asian citizens. This year’s list of winners is compiled by the Stuff Malaysia team as well as our panel of judges from the Stuff global team.

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