bitplay Lenses – Ultralight Photography on the Trail

bitplay Lenses –
Ultralight Photography on the Trail

Would you consider a slice of bread heavy? Probably not. It weighs about an ounce (28.5 g). Five American quarters also add up to about the same weight.An ounce isn’t very much, unless you plan to carry it step after step, mile after mile, day after day.

To hikers and backpackers, every ounce matters! Reducing weight in their packs helps hikers prevent injuries, move faster, cover more distance, and overall have more fun doing it!

One Tool, Many Uses

One way that hikers try to reduce weight is with multipurpose gear. Advances in smartphone technology have made these small devices into the ultimate multipurpose tool. Emergency communication? Check. GPS and maps? Check. Audiobooks, music, and e-books? Check, check, and check. Camera? Well, sort of. Smartphone cameras are great for the occasional selfie with a mountain goat you met up with along the trail, but anyone who has tried to capture a spectacular sunset or the panoramic view from an overlook with their smartphone knows that it rarely turns out well. If shared at all, these photos are captioned, “The picture just doesn’t do it justice. I guess you had to be there.”


As smartphones become increasingly powerful, however, replacing a DSLR with a smartphone camera is increasingly feasible if you can get a good lens. That’s why bitplay lenses and phone accessories are a game-changer for hikers who want or need to get great pictures of their outdoor adventures. A small and lightweight alternative for great photography seems almost too good to be true!


bitplay’s AllClip Mini is the ideal travel accessory for adventure travelers who want to take amazing pictures. This clever device clips on to almost any smartphone, allowing you to upgrade your phone to a DSLR-like camera in an instant. It’s compact, lightweight, and incredibly versatile, meaning you can easily switch between wide-angle or zoom lenses in the blink of an eye.

Backpack Diet – Instant Weight Loss

An average DSLR camera weighs between 1.5 and 2.5 lbs. Add a few lenses at an average of about 1 pound each and it isn’t unusual for photography equipment to weigh 5 lbs or more. That is a fairly significant portion of a 20-30 lb backpack. Compare that to just a few ounces for each bitplay lens and hikers can carry an array of quality lenses that together weigh less than 1 pound. Since the smartphone would be packed anyway, it does not add any weight.

Swap the DSLR camera and lenses for a smartphone and bitplay lenses and voilà! That backpack instantly lost 4 lbs! Take advantage of the AllClip Mini Photography Set, which comes with an AllClip Mini, HD Wide Angle Lens, and a durable Lens Case. The entire set weighs in at less than 130g, which makes all the difference on those steep mountain hikes!

Plenty of Flexibility

Richard Campbell of 10Adventures is an example of someone who needs great photos of his adventure travels. “Here at, we spend a lot of time in nature, and a big part of our job is to get epic photos. While this has meant carrying dedicated cameras, with developments in smartphones, we recently started to switch to carrying our smartphones with bitplay lenses, as this is both lightweight while also giving us great photos and the ability to capture the huge views you get in the mountains.” He recommends the Premium HD Wide Angle Lens for capturing landscapes, and the 240mm Premium HD Telephoto Lens for taking great close-up shots or photographing wildlife.

Richard has recommended bitplay lenses to his clients, too. “We recently had a guest book a tour on 10Adventures and in getting their feedback, they mentioned how cumbersome it is to carry a DSLR camera each day,” Richard said. “We showed them some photos we took with our bitplay lenses and they are going to be trying this out on their next adventure.” Check out some of the photos that convinced them. (our photo examples)

In addition to the AllClip Mini and a range of lightweight mobile lenses, bitplay offers a number of other accessories perfect for adventure travel. The inSpire Tripod will help you get the perfect shot from just about any angle and is a must for taking the perfect group photo at the summit of a mountain. The tripod also doubles up as a handheld grip for taking fantastic videos.

The Snap! Case is made from military-grade materials and is designed to protect your iPhone from the rigors of the road, while the bitplay Neck/Wrist Strap will keep you from dropping your phone at that crucial moment! What’s more, the bitplay built-in shutter button allows you to take photos using the volume buttons on your smartphone – no more fumbling with your gloves on those chilly high-altitude trails!