CLIP is compatible with iPhone 6, 7, 8 and SNAP! 7, 8

CLIP X is compatible with iPhone X and SNAP! X

+A Complete Collection of Lenses to Explore
+Easy And Quick Installation
+Precise Alignment
+iPhone Friendly And Scratch Free

Capture Everything Without Limitations

The lens interface for iPhone that works with all the bitplay lenses. Simply attach the CLIP on either the front or back camera of your iPhone, for an improved shot covering everything from landscapes to selfies. The CLIP also works with the SNAP! series camera cases for front camera photos. With bitplay’s professional lenses, you’ll be taking better shots in less than half the assembly time.

Complete Collection

All of bitplay’s quality lenses work with CLIP. Explore a complete range of crisp color reproduction, precise construction and high quality glass. The collection also includes Premium HD Wide Angle, HD telephoto, fisheye, macro, telephoto and many more, offering enough diversity for just about any shot requirement.
With the CLIP and HD Wide Angle combo users can:
・Gain better shots for beautiful backdrops and in selfies.
・Add a greater amount of depth for wide shots.
・Provide a complete view when recording videos with your iPhone.
・Capture the entirety of scenic views and breathtaking image when traveling.

Easy Installation

Using CLIP in the field is quick and easy. Just position your CLIP into the base on the crosshair with a firm press. Fix the position and add the lens of your choice. Just CLIP, aim, and snap!

Precise Alignment

CLIP is specially designed to be adjustable, it works with both the iPhone itself, and with SNAP! camera cases. Unlike other lens clips, the unique horizontal sliding design allows CLIP to fit securely on your iPhone with no divergence from the camera angle. The lens sits in proper alignment all the time for creating crisp, clear images.

iPhone Friendly

The inner lining of soft silicon protects your iPhone against scratches and abrasion during everyday use. Engineered to be 100% iPhone friendly.

Product Specification


HD Wide Angle Lens

HD Telephoto Lens


Hanchor 2-Way Strap