Start Wondering

Everyday places can be breathtaking. The cities around us can be incredible. And the things we use every day can be special. Just look a little closer to see it. Bitplay is for those who engage all of their senses. We make explorers out of everyday people.

The pursuit is remarkable technology and technical apparel for city wanderers and urban adventurers. Products that pique curiosity and open new possibilities. Born out of love for urban lifestyles and bustling metropolises.

We design around concepts of urbanism and simplicity. To emphasise everyday usability but encourage new, meaningful experiences. To see something special beyond the commonplace. And we live our philosophy. There’s so much to find, if you look for it.

Our endeavour each day is to spark more urbanites to wonder what they can discover. Start wondering, and follow an impulse. Your city, your environment, your world. It’s all yours.

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