For a better iPhone camera.

Minimalist iPhone case for anyone who uses their iPhone as a camera. With a physical shutter button and a collection of incredible pro-level lenses, SNAP! 8 redefines what you can create with an iPhone. It’s your everyday and most used camera and we’re passionate about improving it. Introducing SNAP! 8, for an authentic professional photography experience on iPhone.

Turn iPhone into a pro camera in a snap.

1. Attachable hand grip.
2. Choose from a range of professional lenses.
3. Shoot using the patented mechanical shutter with a satisfying and authentic click.

A design revolution.

SNAP! 8 has a redesigned low-profile for a slim and minimal fit. Its lightweight protective body incorporates a subtle micro-texture that’s inspired by the expert craftsmanship of vintage cameras and feels perfect in the hand.

A world of lenses to explore.

All of bitplay’s amazing lenses work with SNAP! 8. There’s a complete range to explore, with crisp natural color reproduction, precise construction and cinema quality glass. Including HD wide angle, fisheye, macro, telephoto and others. And anytime you’re ready, it’s easy to securely attach or change your lens.

Special selfies with CLIP.

CLIP is our minimalist lens interface that simply clips onto your iPhone and works either way around. It clips happily onto a SNAP! 8 case so you can even use bitplay’s beautiful lenses with iPhone’s front camera.

Passionate about style.

With a dedication to quality and a passion for classic styling, we’ve created beautiful exclusive accessories to go with your SNAP! 8. There’s a classic caramel leather strap, or an ultralight technical wrist/neck strap developed for field work in partnership with outdoor apparel maker Hanchor. And there’s a classic hickorywood grip for authentic quality feel.


Product name SNAP! 8
SNAP! 8 for 4.7 inch size 14.4 x 7.4 x 1.65 cm
SNAP! 8 for 5.5 inch size) 16.4 x 8.5 x 1.67 cm
SNAP! 8 for 4.7 inch weight 45g
SNAP! 7 for 5.5 inch weight 55g
Packaging size 21 x 10.5 x 4.2 cm
Packaging contents Case x 1, Qucik-install hand grip x 1, Thumb rest x 1, Wrist strap x 1, User manual x 1
Material PC+ABS, TPU
Designed and made in Taiwan